Perry Township, in partnership with Stark Tusc Wayne Solid Waste Management provides three 24/7 self- service recycling locations:

  • 5075 Southway SW, Canton, Ohio 44706 (Enter off of Perry Dr. SW; exit onto Southway SW)
  • In the parking lot east of the Township Hall (3111 Hilton St. NW)
  • Perry Township Road Department (1500 Jackson Ave. SW)

Accepted Materials:

Soda bottles, beer bottles, juice containers, ketchup bottles, wine and liquor bottles, food containers, newspapers, magazines, chipboard, cardboard, tin cans, cans, plastic, glass.

NOT Acceptable:

Mirrors, auto windshields, light bulbs, clay flower pots, laboratory glass, crystal, ceramic cups, plates, ceramic bottle tops, window glass, heat resistant ovenware, opaque/ milk glass, drinking glasses, no dirt, no rocks, no tires. Tires are accepted at the entities listed below:


Tire Recycling
Accepts 12 tires per person per year off the rim (4 per person each time). Car and light truck tires only. Free of charge. Contact the number listed for more information. 

Canton City Corner of Schroyer & Melchior SW
(330) 430-7869
Mon, Wed, Fri, 10am-2pm
Will accept tires on the rim.

How you can be Green:

More than ever the environment needs your help; one person, family community or business can help make a difference. If you want to help keep the environment GREEN, review the list above of accepted recyclables,and turn them in at any of the self serve locations in our township. Don't forget, a little bit can go a long way!  We are proud of our community so let's work together to keep it beautiful.

Township Departments

Perry Township Recycling Department
5075 Southway St
Canton, OH 44706