Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are we allowed to burn yard waste? (Leaves, tree limbs, brush, trash of any kind, etc.)

          Answer: NO! This is an E.P.A. law for the State of Ohio.

What about a burning permit?

Answer: Not available- open burning is against the law. Ceremonial fires, agricultural, construction waste may be able to get special permit from E.P.A. at the following number (330) 489-3385.


How can yard waste be disposed of it not burned?

Answer: Contact Perry Township Recycling Center, Jackson Township Recycle Center, or Earth & Woods.


What are the rules for cookouts and bonfires (recreational) fires?

Answer: Per EPA, no larger than 3 foot across and 2 foot high (3’ X 2’) fire of clean dried lumber for no more than 3 hours in time (Must be 25 feet from any structure, and area around the fire free of debris). Absolutely can not burn anything for disposable purposes and say that it’s a cooking or recreational fire. Make that the weather conditions are favorable low winds and not to dry.

Call the Perry Township Fire Department to report your fire at the following phone number (330) 833-2505.


How do we get copies of reports? (For insurance, billing, investigations, environmental assessments, etc.)

Answer: Any records that are public record may be requested; we need to the date of service, where incident occurred, to whom and what information is needed. Privileged information must be subpoenaed. Reports can be picked up at the Fire Administration Office weekdays 8am to 4:30pm, mailed or faxed as long as we have the name and number of who is requesting the report.


Who do I contact for billing questions?

          Answer: Refer to “billing” person at (330) 833-3865


Does the fire department pump basements or yards?

          Answer: No, only in extreme emergencies.


Does the fire department fill and/ or drain swimming pools?

Answer: No, We don’t have the hose available to borrow to connect to the hydrants for filling the pools either. To use the hydrant water you must contact the water company, and usually the rental companies have hose for rental. There are water-hauling companies in the yellow pages of the phone book.


Does the fire department have CPR and EMT classes?

Answer: Refer to the fire department training officer (330) 833-3865, Canton City Schools, Stark State College for EMT classes. For CPR classes refer to American Heart Association or Red Cross.


Does the fire department have station tours and programs?

Answer: Yes, Please contact Fire Administration Office (330) 833-3865 they will have the appropriate personnel make contact with caller.


Needing information on the Richville Homecoming and Parade?

          Answer: Call (330) 832-5220


What the time and date for Halloween?

          Answer: Call (330) 833-2141 or (330) 833-3865


Why does my smoke and CO detectors chirp?

          Answer: Intermittent “chirping” usually means the detector battery needs replaced.


What kind of detectors does the fire department recommend?

          Answer: UL or Factory Mutual (FM) tested.


How do I get an application to join the fire department?

          Answer: Call Fire Administration Office (330) 833-3865


How do I find out where the closest fire hydrant is or closest fire station for my insurance company?

          Answer: Call Fire Administration Office (330) 833-3865


How do I order the Reflective address signs?

          Answer: Call (330) 479-9316


Can the meeting rooms and/ or chairs and tables be rented from the fire stations?

Answer: We don’t lend out chairs and table nor do we rent out the meeting rooms, they are fire department use.


How do I get a residential, commercial, or business inspection done?

          Answer: Contact the Perry Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (330) 833-3865


How do I schedule fire alarm, sprinkler, and hood system test?

          Answer: Contact the Perry Township Fire Prevention Bureau at (330) 833-3865