Our Mission

The Mission of the Perry Township Police Department is to provide prompt and quality service in a professional manner, and which is responsive to the community and its needs.
We will work in partnership with all of the residential and business communities of Perry Township, wherever people live, work or visit, to provide a feeling of security and personal safety in our community.  By working jointly with the people of Perry Township, the members of the Perry Township Police Department act as leaders to protect and serve our community.
Our commitment and philosophy of the Perry Township Police Department is to work together as a team with loyalty, honesty, dedication, respect and integrity to prevent crime.

Our Vision

The Perry Township Police Department will exist to preserve liberty, enhance the safety of the community, and defend humane dignity. We will be an organization in which each employee embraces integrity as the cornerstone upon which the public's trust is built. We will foster an
environment of honesty, trust and mutual respect in which the department and the community work together as catalysts for positive change.


Our Values

Pride- We will have pride in our community, to the department and it's members, and to the standards of our profession. We believe that during the time spent in our workplace, we should have pride in the police services we deliver.
Excellence- We are "Committed to Excellence." We are dedicated police professionals committed to the community, sensitive to the needs and wants of our citizens, holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of excellence and achievement.
Responsiveness- To acknowledge that the community we work in has a diverse population and to treat all persons fairly and equally. This agency will be committed to listening to and understanding the concerns of all citizens.
Yardstick- We will strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all aspects of our work. We can never be satisfied with the "status quo." We must aim for continuous improvement in serving the people in our communities. We value innovation and support creativity. We realize that constant change is a way of life. We dedicate ourselves to proactively seeking new and better ways to serve.