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Perry Township… together we take pride!

The Perry Township Rotary Club and the Perry Township Fire Department have partnered in the purchase and distribution of complimentary File of Life medical and emergency contact information packets. To obtain a File of Life, Perry Township residents may call the Fire Administration office at 330-833-3865.

A Message from your Trustees

  2021 ~ Welcome to your Perry Township website! You will find a plethora of information concerning the operation of our local government on this website and through various links. Perry Township operates under the laws of the state of Ohio as well as local resolutions, laws and policies intended to provide effective and responsive … Continued

Administration Department

Phone #: 330-833-2141
The Perry Township Administration Office is the first point of contact for residents who have questions or concerns related to township matters. Personnel in this office serve as liaisons for the public to the Trustees and Fiscal Officer on daily township issues. The Administration Office is also the location of the Township Hall where Regular Meetings and Work Sessions are conducted.

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Fire Department

Phone #: 330-833-3865
The Perry Township Fire Department is a combination Department consisting of thirteen full-time and sixty part-time Firemen and EMS personnel. Perry Township has three Fire Stations that provide quick response and support for our community.

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Parks Department

Phone #: 330-832-7750
Perry Township has eight parks that offer unlimited recreational facilities. The park systems are the pride of our community! The parks are used on a daily basis by young and old alike. The quality of a community is often measured by its value of green space and recreational opportunities afforded to its residents.

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Police Department

Phone #: 330-478-5121
Our department is a full service police department made up of highly trained professionals who are committed to serving and protecting the residents of Perry Township, and making this one of the safest communities in Ohio in which to live.

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Recycling Department

Phone #: 330-833-2141
The Perry Township Yard Waste site at 1500 Jackson Ave. SW will reopen for the season on Monday, March 22, 2021. Days of operation: Monday — Wednesday — Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm. The Yard Waste site is located behind the Township garage near the salt dome.

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Road Department

Phone #: 330-832-7750
The Perry Township Road Department primary purpose is to make all Township roads and right-of-ways safe for your travel. From time to time roads will be closed. These repairs are necessary in order to improve the quality of streets you’ve come to expect in Perry Township.

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Zoning Department

Phone #: 330-833-2141
Trustees may regulate building and land use in unincorporated territory for public purpose.

For your convenience, you may view the Perry Township Zoning book in its entirety on line by visiting the zoning section of the website.

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