Richville Cemetery

Perry Township, Stark County

Cemetery Property Governed by: The Perry Township Board of Trustees


In 1959, the Perry Township Board of Trustees took over the Richville Cemetery by formal resolution.  Prior to 1959, the cemetery was run by Mr. Jim Eyster.  The oldest grave at Richville Cemetery is marked as “1845-Lewis.”  Over the past few years the Township has worked closely with Accurate Technologies to upgrade the cemetery.  Perry Township contracted with Accurate Technologies to survey the cemetery and create a map which included plotting out available burial sites.  The most crucial step that the Township took was hiring the Underground Detectives to perform an ultrasound on the cemetery land to probe for unmarked graves and vacant spaces.  This was done using ground penetrating radar.  The process allowed Accurate Technologies to create a precise map of available land to be used for additional plots which can now be purchased for those who are interested in being buried at Richville Cemetery.  There are approximately 138 full plots available for purchase.  All interested parties should contact Kathy Oprisch, Cemetery Sexton at 330-833-2141 for additional information.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Operation of Richville Cemetery

  • - Cemetery hours shall be from sunrise to sunset.
  • - Children under 18 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult.
  • - No pets shall be permitted on cemetery grounds.
  • - No parking on grass.
  • - No alcoholic beverages, loud noise or displays that may be disturbing to others shall be permitted.
  • - No trees, shrubs, rose bushes, perennial or invasive plants of any kind shall be permitted on any burial plot within the cemetery.
  • - No fences, hedges, curbing, enclosures, landscape stone, or mulch shall be permitted on any burial plot within the cemetery.
  • - Annual flowers may be planted at the base of the memorial stone.  Flowerbeds shall not exceed the width of the memorial stone nor extend more than 18 inches in front of the stone.  Annual flowers may be removed at the discretion of the Cemetery Sexton.
  • - Fresh cut flowers and decorations will be removed from gravesites when determined as unsightly.  Glass containers are prohibited.
  • - Flowers and decorations placed for burials may remain for one week before being removed.
  • - Winter wreaths and grave blankets are permitted from November 15 through March 15, after which time they will be removed.
  • - 42 inches is the maximum height for headstone placement (an application must be made to the Board of Trustees for a waiver or variance to this maximum height).
  • - All trash and rubbish shall be placed in trash receptacles.
  • - The Perry Township Board of Trustees is not liable for damage to any monument, marker, vase or landscaping that may result from routine cemetery maintenance and care.
  • - The Perry Township Board of Trustees is not liable for injury caused by pedestrians within the cemetery grounds.
  • - These rules and regulations may be amended from time to time as determined by the Perry Township Board of Trustees.