2018 Message from the Board President- Doug Haines

As Perry Township Trustees, it is our honor serving the residents of Perry Township. We continue to be dedicated to the needs and concerns of all Perry Township residents. Experience is a must in these trying economic times. As your community leaders we are committed to operating all departments with a fiscally responsible budget, while supporting excellence within our safety forces in order to continue keeping you and your family members safe and secure. Our safety services are comprised of well trained men and women waiting to answer your call in a time of need. We are confident that we are well prepared to protect and serve our community members.

As a result of drastic cuts in state and local government funding, Perry Township has experienced extraordinary fiscal challenges which has amounted to a 43.45% or a $436,236 reduction of the township’s general fund. Our department heads, under the direction of the Board of Trustees, have been working resourcefully and efficiently to implement cost effective measures. The Perry Township Board of Trustees have been proactive in implementing several cost effective measures, as listed below. However, those cost effective measures alone are not sufficient enough savings to fund our current general fund operating expenses.

  •  Implementation of centralized purchasing for all departments on a monthly basis Implementation of cost effective telecommunications and monthly intranet fees resulting in savings of $10,000. annually
  • Implementation of energy efficiency program in conjunction with First Energy Solutions which provided a civic donation, cost reduction on energy bill for township buildings, commercial accounts  and an opportunity for cost savings to our township residents
  • Participation in BWC cost effective programs
  • Transitioning from township supported street lighting to neighborhood supported street lighting districts
  • The Board is currently exploring opportunities of providing our community members with a more cost effective recycling program
  • The Board has evaluated and  right sized departments
  • The Board has recently  implemented annual fees for owners of Skill Games/Internet Café businesses

The Board of Trustees would like to publicly acknowledge donations in excess of $23,000. over the past four years to the Perry Township Parks from the members of the Perry Township Rotary.  We also thank our residents for continuously supporting the police, fire and road department services.  Although these are challenging times, we are confident that together we will make the choices necessary to move our township forward in an efficient and effective manner.  Your concerns are of great importance to us, visit the Contact Us section of our website and complete a comment form. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.