The men and women of the Perry Township Fire Department serve and protect approximately 28,000 residents and 600 businesses situated in approximately 26 square miles.  Our Township is one of 17 Townships located in Stark County.  We border the City of Massillon, Jackson Township, the City of Canton, Bethlehem Township, and Canton Township.

Our Township is overseen by a Board of Trustees consisting of three members, a fiscal officer, a law director, an administrator, a public works director, a police chief, and a fire chief all of which work together to serve those that reside in or visit our community.

The Perry Township Fire Department is a combination department that consists of three stations that are staffed 24 hours a day.  Each of our stations house a fully equipped medic unit and a fire engine as a minimum.  Station 1 also has our 70-foot tower and a second medic unit.  Station 2 incorporates an ATV which is utilized for either EMS or brush fires and a backup fire engine.  Station 3 contains our backup medic unit and fire prevention trailer.

Our department also takes pride in fire prevention.  Fire prevention keeps local businesses and their patrons safe by conducting periodic fire safety inspections.  We also review pre-construction, sprinkler, and fire alarm plans.  Education is also important to us as we conduct fire extinguisher training, public eduction, and school safety programs.  Fire investigation to determine the origin and cause is also another facet of our fire prevention.  These investigations provide valuable information that is passed along to the firefighters and utilized to increase awareness of our Township's businesses.

Like other departments, ours has seen many changes throughout the years.  Regardless of the drastic increase in our call volume, changes in construction that demand different firefighting techniques, more involved advanced EMS procedures, and State requirements, we have and will continue to be here to serve our residents and those that visit our community.

Questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.


Larry S. Sedlock
Fire Chief
Perry Township Fire Department