Regular Meeting

Perry Township Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

April 3, 2012 7:00pm

Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance:

Excused absence:  None.

Additions/Deletions to Agenda: None.

Public Hearings/Invited Guests:

Step II Grievance- Dispatcher, Debra Ponieski/ Step II Grievance- Dispatcher, Melissa Elliott

Trustee Chessler stated that the Board has received grievance report forms from Melissa Elliott and Debra Ponieski of the Police Department.  These matters were retained and considered by Chief Pomesky.  These grievances are before the Board this evening in a public hearing as Step II of the grievance process.  The Board has received copies of the grievance report forms.  Trustee Chessler inquired when Chief Pomesky conducted the initial grievance hearing.  Chief Pomesky stated that the initial grievance hearing with Ms. Ponieski was on March 20, 2012 at 11:35am.  Chief Pomesky stated that Ms. Elliott works midnight shift and she was contacted by email and phone to set up a meeting and she never replied.

Trustee Chessler stated that this matter is properly before the Board this evening.  Mr. Hall stated that he received a facsimile correspondence from the FOP’s legal council indicating that neither of the grievant’s nor the legal council would be making an appearance at this hearing and they would wait for the Board’s determination to decide if they want to continue on to arbitration.  Mr. Hall also asked that a copy of the agreement be put into the record which is being grieved.  Specifically, Article 29.2 Compensation – sets forth that their base rate for 2012 is $18.11.  The step indicates that upon completion of five (5) years of continuous service a bargaining unit member shall receive an additional two (2) percent over the amount shown above.  The next paragraph reads that upon completion of ten (10) years of continuous service a bargaining unit member shall receive an additional two and one half (2.5) percent over the amount shown above.  Mr. Hall stated that this is very clear and specific.  It is base rate plus two (2) percent or base rate plus two and one half (2.5) percent.  It is not accumulative and has never been.  This language is one of the compromises that was worked out during negotiations.  The same language is in the Patrol Officers/ Detectives union contract.  Mr. Hall stated that it is his recommendation as the Law Director that Chief Pomesky’s denial should be affirmed because the language is not ambiguous; it’s clear and it is specific.  It is not to be accumulative but it is to be base rate plus the set step.

Trustee Chessler inquired if Chief Pomesky had anything to add to the testimony given by Mr. Hall.    Chief Pomesky stated that he has three (3) items to add; Copy of the correspondence previously sent over to the Administration Office to submit for the record, copies for the Board explaining how the step increases have been applied and a copy of the officers to show how the step increases have been applied.  Chief Pomesky stated that they have used the same format the entire time for the step pay chart.  This chart treats everybody equally.  Trustee Chessler stated that this has been applied in practice for quite some time with the patrol officers and detectives and this is consistent in the way it has been done.  Trustee Laubacher stated that both grievant’s indicated that it was discussed in negotiations that anyone over ten (10) years would received the five (5) and ten (10) year step raises and inquired if that was true.  Chief Pomesky and Trustee Chessler stated that is not true.  Trustee Laubacher stated that is not normally how a contract is written.  Trustee Chessler stated that during the negotiating sessions they all took their notes and corresponded afterwards to memorialize what the other side noted had taken place.  If that would have taken place and had been part of an offer their union representative would have brought that up or brought up some confirming correspondence.  Trustee Chessler stated that he does not recall that happening.  Mr. Hall stated that Ms. Ponieski was never at the negotiating table so any information she had would have been hear say or repeated from other members.  Ms. Elliott missed many of the negotiating sessions because of her work schedule and Ms. Faux was the lead representative and attended most of the sessions.  Mr. Hall stated that he agrees with Trustee Chessler in that to his recollection that was never discussed and it was definitely never agreed upon.  Mr. Hall stated that a lot can be read into the facsimile received this morning from the union business agent.  Obviously, the union is not standing behind these two (2) grievant’s on this particular matter.

Trustee Chessler stated for the record that the grievant’s are not in attendance and neither is their union representative.  The Board has received arguments and testimony from the Law Director and Police Chief.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board adopt and affirm the findings of Chief Pomesky that the grievance be denied in both instances; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Public Speaks on items up for Board Approval: None.

Township Business requiring Board Action:

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business:

Trustee Chessler made a motion to approve bills and payroll in the amount of $282,346.46 for the week ending March 27, 2012 and bills in the amount of $26,214.61 for the week ending April 3, 2012 for a combined total of $308,561.07; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.


Letter from Board to GEKKO Holdings, LLC

Trustee Chessler stated that approximately one (1) year ago he was requested by a gentleman named Dan Buxton who owns a construction company and is a principle in an entity called Gekko Holdings, LLC to come out and see an abandoned facility on Southway Street SW that is just east of Perry Drive.  This building was formally owned by a plating company that went out of business and abandoned the structure.  It is a collection of buildings that are tied together by different means.  It would be an understatement to say that it was in deteriorating conditions and there was an abundance of materials of unknown origin that looked to be hazardous or dangerous in some form or fashion.  Trustee Chessler stated that he asked Mr. Weckbacher, Zoning Inspector to go over to this site with him to tour the facility. 

Trustee Chessler stated that approximately one (1) month ago he was asked again to tour the same facility.  Mr. Buxton had indicated that he had sought and obtained the intervention of the Ohio EPA and had since cleaned out the building to their approval.  It is currently an empty shell of a building and in some need of rehabilitative work structurally but the environmental hazards seem to have been abated.  The building is now in a position where Mr. Buxton would like to move forward in putting it into a serviceable state.  Mr. Buxton is going to be seeking financial assistance to do that and will be going to the county officials to see if there is some possible abatement in the delinquent and accumulated taxes and is on the road to trying to make this a success story of turning an empty and run down building into what could be utilized by several businesses.  Mr. Weckbacher does have some pictures of the building available for review.  Trustee Chessler stated that Mr. Buxton is asking the Township for a letter of support.  The abatement of taxes is something that is beyond the Township’s control.  Obviously, the Township does not have the funds available for that kind of rehabilitative effort.  Mr. Buxton would be primarily concerned of seeking monies elsewhere but it would be a benefit to have the support of the Township behind him.  

Trustee Chessler stated that he has taken the liberty of drafting a letter explaining the conditions as they were before and as they are now.  Mr. Buxton has asked for this letter but Trustee Chessler wanted to confirm that there was Board support for that.  Trustee Haines stated that he drove by the building and inquired what Mr. Buxton’s plans were for the future.  Trustee Chessler stated that Mr. Buxton’s plans at this point are to do the renovations specific to the businesses that may want to come there.  The potential is for one large use or several small uses.  The inside has a large warehouse space that could be used for vehicular travel or machinery.  Trustee Haines verified that the building is not being used for Mr. Buxton’s business or lease.  Trustee Chessler stated that was correct.  Trustee Haines stated that the structure definitely needs more work but you can tell it’s an improvement.  Trustee Chessler stated that this is already in an area that is zoned industrial.  Mr. Weckbacher stated that was correct.    Trustee Haines and Trustee Laubacher stated that they are fine with the letter that Trustee Chessler has drafted.  

Robert Cash- Woodrich St. SW.  Mr. Cash stated that the buildings are in bad shape and suggested that the owner take a good look at the structure.  The previous owners moved out because of the poor conditions.  Trustee Chessler stated that the Township is limited in jurisdiction in that any rehabilitation to the building would be overseen by the Stark County Building Department.  Trustee Chessler thanked Mr. Cash for his comments.

Letter from Stark County Engineers- Speed Study

Trustee Chessler stated that the Stark County Engineer’s Office requested that the Township submit the name of one (1) Township roadway section to be included in the 2012 speedy zone study.  Administrator Fetzer stated that this is an annual request made by the Stark County Engineer’s Office and in speaking with Chief Pomesky he is recommending that the Board consider that the speed study be conducted on Genoa Avenue NW from 12th Street to SR 172.  Genoa Avenue is 1.23 miles in length and Chief Pomesky has indicated that there have been several near misses reported in this area.  Trustee Chessler inquired if there was a limitation on the length.  Administrator Fetzer stated that there is no limitation on the length but there is a form that has to be filled out with the requested length of the street.  Trustee Chessler inquired if there is not a big concern from SR 172 to Southway or Navarre.  Chief Pomesky stated that there is not but they routinely receive complaints about the intersection at Genoa and Banyan.  Another area of concern is on Genoa by Tillman where all of the side streets come out.  Trustee Haines inquired when this speed study would be conducted and thought that it would be within the best interest of the study to not compete it while the gas lines are being replaced.  Trustee Chessler stated that the Township has had this quandary for years that they would find roads that hadn’t been posted and by default were fifty-five (55) miles per hour or other areas where we have received residents complaints and the law requires that a speed study is done that supports a posting.  The Stark County Engineer’s Office allocates one (1) speed study to the Township but any additional speed studies throughout the year have to be paid for.  Trustee Chessler explained that the result of the speed study would be an adjustment of the miles per hour and not the construction of the roadway.  Trustee Haines stated that he was just concerned about the construction of the gas line affecting the value of the speed study.  Administrator Fetzer stated that she can ask Brian Cole, Stark County Engineer’s Office, about Trustee Haines concern and then the Board will still have next week’s regular meeting to make a final decision.  

Letter from Discovery Oil & Gas, LLC

Trustee Chessler stated that the Board received a letter dated March 23, 2012 from Discovery Oil & Gas, LLC.  This letter was generated as a requirement to let the Board of Trustees know that Discovery Oil & Gas has made application to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for a permit to drill an oil and gas well within the Township.  Discovery Oil & Gas has sent a map that depicts where this would be.  Generally speaking, the well would be drilled on the property of Roy and Mary Jo Klick and ingress/ egress will be offered on Stump Avenue.  The Township is required to receive notice.  Trustee Chessler stated that he spoke with Michael Ellness, the Vice President of Operations, and confirmed that this is proposed to be a vertical well to the Clinton formation.  This is somewhat disruptive during the drilling process and for several days afterwards.  The companies are generally good about reclaiming the property.  This is on private property and it is fairly different than those that have been drilled in the more dense residential areas because this is out in the open.  Trustee Chessler stated that this is not a utical well or a hydraulic horizontal frack well and by our experience these wells are not as intrusive or concerning as the other types of wells.  Trustee Chessler noted that the Board is notified of this but this type of activity is exempt from the Township’s authority.  Mr. Hall stated that was correct.

Fiscal Officer:  

Trustee Chessler made a motion to approve the minutes from the March 20, 2012 Regular Meeting; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.


Consider Illicit Discharge MS4 Resolution

Administrator Fetzer stated that she previously requested that the Board consider the Illicit Discharge MS4 resolution for the Health Department.  Administrator Fetzer stated that when she forwarded the resolution to Mr. Hall he had two (2) additional concerns therefore they are requesting that this matter be tabled until the meeting on April 10, 2012.  Trustee Chessler inquired if there was a filing or deadline that they Board would miss between now and then.  Administrator Fetzer stated that there was not.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board table the consideration of the Illicit Discharge MS4 resolution until the meeting of April 10, 2012; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Fire Department:

Consider Purchasing Carpet and Furniture for Station #1

Chief Martin asked the Board to consider the purchase and installation of carpeting at Fire Station #1 from Barrington Carpeting & Flooring at a cost not to exceed $2,816.79.  As outlined in a memorandum to the Board the carpeting at Station #1 is over twenty (20) years old.  The future dormitory area has no carpeting currently so the new carpet will provide a little more warmth, will be easier to clean and will provide some sound dampening effect.  Chief Martin stated that he has provided the Board with three (3) quotes that are apples to apples.  The quotes were competitive and therefore they are recommending the lowest quote from Barrington Carpeting & Flooring.  

Chief Martin asked the Board to consider the purchase of miscellaneous furniture from All Aboard, Inc. Solid Pine Furniture at a total price not to exceed $6,548.00.  With the move of the full-time employees into the facility the Fire Department needs to address some furniture needs.  Most of the current furniture is hand me downs or second hand.  Chief Martin stated that he was able to find two (2) companies that would quote all wood furniture which is typically designed for fire stations and can be used in the future if they ever move to a new facility.  Chief Martin stated that he provided a chart to the Board explaining each piece of furniture being purchased.  All Aboard, Inc. was the lowest quote at $6,548.00.  Trustee Haines inquired when the sleeping quarters would be ready.  Chief Martin stated that the goal is to have the sleeping quarters ready by May 1, 2012.  

Trustee Chessler stated that he noticed that Barrington Carpeting & Flooring is from Akron and the other two (2) companies were Perry Township businesses and not even close to the cost area.  Chief Martin stated that if they can stay local they try to.  The difference between the high and the low was $750.00 which is a significant amount of money.  Since the quotes were apples to apples the Fire Department recommended the lowest quote.  Trustee Haines stated that both of the companies from Perry Township are reputable and he understands what Trustee Chessler is saying by wanting to keep it local if possible.  Trustee Chessler inquired if the Township would be in violation by going back to the local businesses and offering them the opportunity to match the lowest quote.  Mr. Hall stated that it would not be a violation and that it is within the Board’s discretion.  Trustee Laubacher stated that he just doesn’t want to delay the process if the goal is to get the renovations completed by May 1, 2012.  Trustee Chessler stated that the Board could approve the expenditure for carpet at a cost not to exceed $2,816.79 and offer the Perry Township businesses the opportunity to match it.  If not, then Chief Martin can move forward with the purchase from Barrington Carpeting & Flooring.  Trustee Haines stated that is the motion that he would like to see.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board authorize the purchase of carpeting for Station #1 at a cost not to exceed $2,816.79 and requests that Chief Martin go back to Bob & Pete’s Flooring and Hosner’s to see if they are willing to match that price and further authorize Chief Martin to proceed with the contract with Barrington Carpeting & Flooring if they will not match that price; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board authorize Chief Martin to take the steps necessary to purchase the identified furniture items from All Aboard, Inc. Solid Pine Furniture in an amount not to exceed $6,548.00; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Consider Authorization of Bench Testing for SCBA’s

Chief Martin asked the Board to authorize Fire Force, Inc. to conduct the required annual bench testing on all of the SCBA’s and masks.  This is an unfunded mandate which costs $2,882.00.  There are only two (2) companies in the area that test the SCBA’s.  Chief Martin stated that should there be any repairs needed it will be billed separately because you never know until they start the bench testing.  The Fire Department is recommending Fire Force, Inc. as they have provided the lowest quote.

Trustee Laubacher made a motion that the Board authorize the Fire Chief to have Fire Force, Inc. conduct the required annual bench testing on all SCBA’s and masks at a cost not to exceed $2,882.00; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Consider Approval of the CenCom

Trustee Chessler stated that the Fire Department has requested that the Board authorize the renewal of the dispatching services with CenCom for 2012.  The memorandum states that the Fire/ EMS service fee is based on the 2011 incident total of 2,825 at $34.00 per incident.  The monthly fee will be $8,004.16 for Fire and EMS dispatching services.  A quote was obtained from RED Center and their quote was higher than CenCom.  Chief Martin stated that the Fire Department receives good service from CenCom and he feels comfortable recommending the renewal of the contract for one (1) year.  

Trustee Laubacher made a motion that the Board authorize Chief Martin to enter into a Fire/EMS Dispatching Service agreement with CenCom for the year 2012 with the service fee based upon 2,825 incidents at $34.00 per call therefore the monthly fee will be $8,004.16; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.

Trustee Chessler noted that the termination period is sixty (60) days.  Trustee Chessler stated that he has been involved with the on going discussion with the effort to have a county wide radio and dispatching and it seems as though that effort is changing significantly and there may be opportunities coming up and he doesn’t like having to wait sixty (60) days if the Township would like to make a move.  Trustee Chessler stated that he still has his concerns about the management.  Mr. Schlegel stated that one of the things that bothered him the last time was that Nimishillen Township doesn’t pay for their own calls which may be an accounting thing.  Therefore, anyone else receiving services from CenCom is paying for Nimishillen’s calls.  Mr. Schlegel stated that when CenCom was here he asked to see the profit margin or breakdown and they stated that they would get that to him.  The Board approved the contract with CenCom that night and Mr. Schlegel never received the profit margin or break down.  Mr. Schlegel stated that he would still like to see what type of profit they are making.  

Trustee Chessler stated that Mr. Hall had done some requesting of records from CenCom and asked him to put them into the record.  Mr. Hall stated that at the request of the Board he did make certain public record requests and received some financial documents.  From the records produced it is beyond Perry Township’s abilities to determine what the profit is.  Mr. Schlegel stated that if the Board wants him to he will call Nimishillen Township since he knows exactly what to ask for in order to break it down because they have the same computer system as him.  It is a public records request therefore Nimishillen Township would have to comply.  Trustee Haines inquired what our concern is if Nimishillen Township is making a profit or not.  Mr. Schlegel stated that he feels as if the residents of Perry Township have the right to know if their profits are 300%.  Mr. Schlegel stated that he realizes that CenCom is the cheapest and the Township will probably continue to use them.  Trustee Laubacher stated that they don’t go out to a paving company and ask them what their profits are.  Mr. Schlegel stated that the Township is not allowed to because they are not a public entity.  Trustee Laubacher inquired why the Township can ask Nimishillen Township for their profits.  Mr. Schlegel stated because they are a public entity.  Trustee Chessler stated that Perry Township tax dollars may be subsidizing their operation.  Trustee Laubacher stated that our tax dollars subsidize other businesses as well.  Mr. Schlegel stated that the Township doesn’t have the right to ask for that information.  The Township has the right to ask for this information from another public entity.  Trustee Haines stated that in looking at the contract they are the cheapest for what the Township needs and they have taken care of us in the past.  Fortunately or unfortunately the contract started January 1, and the Board hasn’t made a decision either way which is why he feels the need to make a decision tonight.  Trustee Haines stated that there is a sixty (60) day out clause and if the Township decided to go in a different direction it’s going to take sixty (60) days to make that move any ways.  Trustee Laubacher stated that the price hasn’t gone up either.  Chief Martin stated that the price hasn’t gone up since 2010.  Currently, there is not regional or county dispatch.  Once again, it is just a dream that is out there but it is not materialized.  Though it may be a great idea, it is simply not a reality at this point and time.  What is a reality is CenCom or RED Center.  Trustee Haines stated that if there ever is a centralized dispatching center then the Township would be foolish not to look into it but it has to be there first and everything has to make sense.  Chief Martin stated that the sixty (60) day out has two (2) sides.  If CenCom would want out of the agreement it gives the Township sixty (60) days to find a new dispatch center.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, no.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Police Department:

Consider the Arcmail Annual Maintenance Agreement ANS Support

Chief Pomesky stated that the annual maintenance agreement for the Arcmail agreement is up for renewal for the email archiving device.  This comes in at a price of $1,080.00.  This enables the Police Department to be compliant with the public records law.  Chief Pomesky asked the Board to authorize the expenditure of $1,080.00 for the software maintenance and the hardware support for the device.  Trustee Haines inquired how long the emails are archived.  Chief Pomesky stated that it is currently set up to remain on the device because some of the emails may be associated with case files and they need to be retained for the statute of limitation.  

Trustee Haines made a motion that the Board approve the annual software maintenance, support and hardware maintenance for the Arcmail email archiving device at a cost not to exceed $1,080.00; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Road Department:

Consider Proposal for Engineering Services for the Summerdale/ Partridge Drainage Project

Mr. Masalko stated that it is that time of year when the Road Department needs to start thinking of an OPWC project.  Last year, the Township applied for the Summerdale/ Partridge (Crownpoint area) but the project did not score high enough to receive the funding.  One of the reasons it did not score high enough was because the Township only had preliminary plans.  Mr. Masalko asked Mr. Oprisch to come up with an engineering fee and scope of work for a two (2) to three (3) phase project.  The total amount is $40,908.00.  Mr. Oprisch will be doing plans for the whole project on Summerdale all the way across Genoa to Sippo Lake.  Trustee Chessler inquired if the phases are broken up by geographic areas.  Mr. Masalko stated that it depends and last year the he applied for a million dollar plat project and he will probably do the same thing this year.  All of the plans have to be done for each of the phases.  Mr. Oprisch stated that he and Mr. Masalko had a meeting with Stark Parks to find out what their concerns would be or if they had any suggestions.  

Trustee Chessler inquired if this was the project where the Township extended the offer with the County to partner with us and they said that they would love to as long as the Township paid for everything.  Mr. Oprisch stated that sounded familiar.  Mr. Oprisch stated that it is all part of the project with the emergency repair between the two (2) properties.  Part of the discussions with Stark Parks was trying to make a plan of where to retain the water so that it doesn’t get to the park property so fast.  Trustee Chessler stated that the Township needs to revisit our authority in a situation where ten (10) or fifteen (15) percent of it affects the roadway and eighty-five (85) to ninety (90) percent doesn’t.  Mr. Hall stated that it is a continuing concern and he will get with Mr. Masalko and Mr. Oprisch to look at the overall scope of the project.  Mr. Schlegel stated that since this project was not a budgeted item for this year he and Mr. Masalko sat down to figure out how this project could be funded.  Ohio had a very light winter so the Township saved some money in salt so the Road Department would be able to do this.  Trustee Chessler stated that he is concerned about committing to spend $41,000.00 on a long area most of which is private property before we really know where the Township’s authority lies and who or who may not be our partners.  Mr. Oprisch suggested that he and Mr. Masalko meet with Mr. Hall and whomever to make those determinations.  There are several drainage easements along the back of those properties all the way over to Genoa.  Trustee Chessler suggested that some representatives from the County Engineer’s Office be invited as well.  Mr. Hall suggested that this matter be tabled until next week’s regular meeting to give him, Mr. Masalko and Mr. Oprisch a chance to meet and make some determinations.  

Consider Seasonal Weight Restrictions on Township Roads

Mr. Masalko stated that the Stark County Engineer’s Office has requested that all Townships come up with a seasonal weight restriction on certain roads throughout the Township.  Mr. Masalko provided the Board with an outline of the roads he would like to apply a seasonal weight restriction.  Mr. Masalko stated that he spoke with Chief Pomesky about enforcing these restrictions and he will have to go through some training with the help of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  Mr. Masalko asked the Board to approve the seasonal weight restrictions on certain Township roads through a resolution.  The Stark County Engineer’s Office asked for a resolution and cover letter.  Trustee Chessler stated that the resolution is effective from January 1 through May 1 of each year and inquired if the Board can adopt an ongoing resolution.  Mr. Hall stated that the Board can do that on a reoccurring basis and if Mr. Masalko would want to add or change streets he would have to have the Board modify that each year.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board adopt a resolution that was prepared for the Board with the exception that the language of the effective dates be changed to read so that it is effective every year from January 1 to May 1 to include the list of streets that Mr. Masalko has provided and further authorize Mr. Masalko to communicate with the County Engineer’s Office to convey the Township’s resolution; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Law Director: None.


Consider the Assessment of 5488 Navarre Road SW, Canton, Ohio- in the Amount of $573.00- Parcel #43-06815

Mr. Weckbacher stated that this property had trees that had fallen and it was posted in December of last year.  There were several trees that were down on the three (3) parcels so David’s Tree Service came out and cleaned up the debris.  Mr. Weckbacher stated that he put a notice on the door regarding reimbursement to the Township and thirty (30) days later no reimbursement was received.  Mr. Weckbacher asked the Board to allow him to move forward with the assessment by submission to the Stark County Auditor’s Office for certification.  Trustee Chessler stated for the record that this property is located at 5488 Navarre Rd. SW, Canton, Ohio; Parcel #’s: 43-06815, 43-06816 and 43-03263.  The listed owner is Gary and Nancy Hilgert of the same address.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board authorize Mr. Weckbacher to take the steps necessary to certify to the County Auditor the costs that were set forth on the invoice in the total amount of $573.00; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.

Parks/Recycling: None.

Executive Session(s):  None.

Department Matters Not Requiring Board Action:

Administration: None.

Fire Department: None.

Parks/Recycling: None.

Police Department:

Road Department: None.


Law Director: None.


  1. April 3rdand 10th– Regular Meetings and April 24th– Work Session/ Joint Meeting with Perry           School Board
  2. 3rdAnnual Project Perry Pride- Saturday, April 21, 2012- 8:00am to1:00pm at Pfeiffer.
  3. Perry Pride Spring Clean- Up Day- Saturday, April 21, 2012- 8:00am to 4:00pm- Location: Perry Township Road Garage- 1500 Jackson Ave. SW, Massillon, Ohio 44646

Public Speaks-Open Forum:

Robert Cash- 3124 Woodrich SW.  Mr. Cash expressed his concerns regarding a $30.00 fee that the County Health Department is charging for septic inspections and asked the Township to help push the County to eliminate or decrease that fee.  Mr. Cash also asked that a bush be cut back at the corner of Woodrich and Buckwalter SW.  Trustee Chessler asked Mr. Masalko to follow up on this matter. Mr. Masalko stated that he would.  Mr. Cash stated that he would like to have the dog nuisance resolution revisited because people are not following the proper regulations. Trustee Chessler stated that Trustee Laubacher had a good idea that the Township could remind the residents on our website of the existing laws regarding dogs.  Chief Pomesky reminded Mr. Cash that the Police Department will respond to barking dog complaints and he is welcome to call if he has additional problems.  Trustee Chessler stated that he will look into the matter with the Health Department as well.

Bard Huntsman- 4025 Prosway SW.  Mr. Huntsman suggested that the house behind Station #1 be used for Perry Helping Perry as a place for families whose houses have burnt down so that they have a place to stay for a short period of time.  Trustee Chessler inquired if Chief Martin had plans for the house.  Chief Martin stated that the Fire Department had talked about using the house as a training facility.  Chief Martin stated that Mr. Huntsman’s idea is an interesting concept but he does not know off hand the liability factors behind it and Mr. Hall may be able to look into it.  The sprinkler system may have to be updated as well as the hard wire alarm system.  This is a great concept but maybe Perry Helping Perry would want to buy the house from the Township and it can become their responsibility.  Usually, the first thing the Fire Department does when a family loses their home is contact the Red Cross. The Red Cross will provide them minimal assistance for a very short term stay in a facility.  Chief Martin stated that though it is a great concept he would be very leery of any legal liabilities the Township would be subject to.  Trustee Chessler stated that this would be worth looking into but sometimes the devil is in the details.

Mr. Huntsman stated that they are installing a new gas lines on Navarre Road and inquired if the Township had contingency plans for emergency vehicles traveling in that area.  Trustee Chessler stated that typically on these types of projects the entity that is responsible for the project is also responsible for holding meetings prior to the construction to lay out for all the parties that may be potentially involved and to make arrangements for traffic control and safety.


With nothing further to come before the Board, Trustee Laubacher made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:27 pm; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.

ROLL CALL: Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.


Craig E. Chessler, President                                   

 Joe Schlegel, Fiscal Officer