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Regular Meetings 

The Perry Township Board of Trustees meets in Regular Meeting format on the first and third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.   

The meetings are held at the Township Hall located at

3111 Hilton Street NW

in Massillon. Regular Meetings include reports by Department Heads, the Law Director, and the Township Administrator.  The public is welcome to offer comments during the Public Speaks portion of the agenda on township related matters.


Perry Township Board of Trustees

Regular Meeting

January 20, 2015 7:00 pm


Call to Order/ Pledge of Allegiance:

Excused absence: 

Additions/Deletions to Agenda:

Public Hearings/Invited Guests:


7:00 pm – Consider Opening and Acceptance of All Material Quotes

Trustee Chessler stated that the Board has previously advertised and solicited quotes for road materials.  Trustee Chessler stated that we have received several quotes and the legal notice indicated that we would accept and open those bids tonight at 7:00 pm.  Trustee Chessler stated that he would turn the meeting over to the Fiscal Officer for that process.

Fiscal Officer Schlegel stated that thirteen (13) bids have been received, one faxed bid, attached before the Board:

  1.  D & R Supply, Inc.
  2. Roio Sand & Gravel
  3. Kimble Clay & Limestone
  4. Central Allied Enterprises, Inc.
  5. Huth Ready Mix & Supply Co.
  6. Massillon Asphalt Company
  7. Oster Sand & Gravel, Inc.
  8. Diano Supply Company
  9. National Lime and Stone Co.
  10. Northstar Asphalt, Inc.
  11. The Shelly Company
  12. Tiger Sand & Gravel, LLC
  13. American Sand & Gravel


Trustee Chessler made a motion to refer the bids to the Road Superintendent and Law Director for further review and further direct that all bids and compliance the Road Superintendent will report back to the Board for the Board to accept all bids that are in compliance; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher. 

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Trustee Chessler stated that he would like to circle back; there was nothing listed under Public Hearings or Invited Guests or Additions to the Agenda and in reviewing the minutes from the December 16, 2014 meeting, he had brought to the Board’s attention the request that he had received from Mr. Rafael Rodriguez regarding the proposal to do a Phase I EPA assessment.  Trustee Chessler stated that he had certain information that evening, but not all the information needed as a Board to make a determination and the consensus was that it would be beneficial to us to have Mr. Rodriguez come to a meeting in January and answer questions that may be about what a Phase I assessment is for and to affirm the fact that it would be at no cost to the Township but would be a benefit to potential developers.  Trustee Chessler stated that he would like to welcome Mr. Rodriguez tonight, but would first make a motion that we amend the Agenda to include a presentation by regarding the Phase I assessment; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Trustee Chessler asked if Mr. Rodriguez would introduce himself and asked if he could present the information and answer questions to the Board about the proposal they had discussed.

Mr. Rodriguez stated that beginning in September; they have entertained some developers coming into the area looking for large facilities, the former Doctor’s Hospital being one of them.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that he had contacted the owner and agent, Mr. Ed Davila to tour the Doctor’s Hospital property.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that in speaking with Mr. Davila, he learned that there have been no assessments done on this property whatsoever.  Mr. Rodriguez indicated that prior to selling a property such as this, there needs to be a Phase I and most likely a Phase II EPA assessment completed.

Mr. Rodriguez stated that in Canton, he has been successful in getting the Ohio EPA under the Brownfield assessment program to fund Phase I assessments, asbestos surveys and in some cases, bio-diversity inventory in the case of a creek assessment through a government agency.  Mr. Rodriguez stated a previous instance wherein a property owner would grant their department access to the property and in turn the city would apply for the Ohio EPA to fund that particular assessment.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that it is a fairly simple process and as he has stated to Trustee Chessler, he is more than happy to help with the paperwork.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that he has been asked ‘what is in it for him’ and his reply is that it his job to create jobs for the people of Canton.  Mr. Rodriguez briefly explained that if jobs are created in Perry Township, more than likely somebody from Canton may work there as well.

Mr. Rodriguez stated that he recently spoke with Jobs Ohio as well as having a Jobs Ohio representative meet with Mr. Davila to discuss what projects that they could work with and the projects that they could not work with.  Jobs Ohio indicated that they are not able to work with multi-residents but are able to do light manufacturing and medical incubators and processes such as those.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that again, his services and the services of the Canton Community Improvement Corporation are available to you to assist in forwarding this matter so that when a developer does come through, we can say that we are ready to move forward.

Trustee Chessler inquired of Mr. Rodriguez that because of the location of the Doctor’s Hospital facility, Perry Township would be the sponsoring entity for this EPA assessment to be funded.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that was correct.

Trustee Haines inquired of Mr. Rodriguez if there was then no cost to Perry Township.  Mr. Rodriguez stated none whatsoever and added that before it could move forward, the Board would have to approve this anyhow so there would be an estimate through the EPA so that the Township would understand and they also would understand.

Trustee Laubacher inquired what would be needed from us in order to do this.  Trustee Chessler indicated that a Board resolution would be needed.

Trustee Chessler stated that if Perry Township passes a resolution indicating our intent to proceed with an EPA assessment and also enlisting the services of the Community Improvement Corporation.  Mr. Rodriguez continued to say that he would get the paperwork together and added that it is a simple form.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that the funds are there and they can spend it any way they want to and added that he cannot see why not spending it in Stark County.

Trustee Chessler inquired if this assessment has a shelf life in that if nothing comes about for six months or a year.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that he believes there is a shelf life however, he has seen the shelf life waived depending on what is going on in the area.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that in a building such as Doctor’s Hospital, with nothing going in or out of it, it probably would not be too bad, but added that we should understand that Phase I is almost a research project.  They are looking to see what the facility was used for in the past and what possible contaminants may be in the area.  Mr. Rodriguez added that they will go all the way back to the first building that was built there to identify if there were underground storage tanks and that kind of thing.  Mr. Rodriguez added that this assessment is an above surface type of thing.  Going forward, if someone truly expressed an interest, we would then have to move ahead with a much more detailed study, referred to as a Phase II, at which point they would be taking core samples and pulling things out of the walls if the Phase I identified any potential contaminants.

Trustee Chessler inquired if the Phase II is generally approached if there is an end user in mind.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that was correct.

Mr. Rodriguez added that they are currently working with Jobs Ohio, formerly the Ohio Department of Welfare, to fund a Phase II on an old manufacturing facility in Canton and they will fund it.  Mr. Rodriguez explained that a Phase II normally costs $200-$300,000 and they will fund it if there is an end user in mind.  Mr. Rodriguez further added that the Phase I assessment is to indicate to the end user what could be happening.  If the Phase I assessment comes back clean they could be ready to go.

Trustee Laubacher stated that a group from Texas had toured the Doctor’s Hospital facility early last year and shared that they had encountered mold throughout the building.  Trustee Laubacher inquired of Mr. Rodriguez if the mold was something that could be overlooked.  Mr. Rodriguez indicated that the mold factor would trigger the Phase II assessment at which point we would try to get the State of Ohio or the USEPA to fund something.

Trustee Laubacher inquired if that is when they come in.  Mr. Rodriguez indicated that in regard to the Phase I assessment, the Ohio EPA would fund this assessment.

Trustee Haines inquired in regard to the Phase II assessment funding.  Mr. Rodriguez stated that he normally tries to find state funds that have already been allocated for that type of activity because it makes it more enticing for that end user, especially if it is an out of state or out of town.

Trustee Laubacher inquired of Mr. Rodriguez if he would need a letter from the Board or further inquired if the Board’s resolution was sufficient.   Mr. Rodriguez indicated that the Board’s resolution was sufficient.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that based on the information that we now have that Perry Township undertake a Phase I assessment of the property known as the Doctor’s Hospital property and also enlist the kind offer of the City of Canton’s Community Improvement Corporation to assist us in undertaking the Phase I assessment; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Trustee Chessler stated to Trustee Laubacher that this isn’t related but stated that he knows in other communities where buildings have been located outside the city limits that the City of Canton is very amenable to talking about JEDD’s and TIF’s and other economic development tools to allow their resources to come in and jointly pursue those projects.  Trustee Chessler added that this is not related to or in condition upon that but if we do find an end user that is interested in this building, that is when we could have discussions with them in regard to the other partnerships.  Trustee Chessler thanked Mr. Rodriguez for being here this evening.

Public Speaks on items up for Board Approval: None.

Township Business requiring Board Action: None.

Unfinished Business:   None.

New Business:

Trustee Chessler  made a motion to approve bills and payroll in the amount of $333,506.82 for the week ending January 13, 2015 and bills in the amount of $49,522.70 for the week ending January 20, 2015 for a combined total of $383,029.52; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Fiscal Officer: 

Trustee Chessler stated that he would like to bifurcate the minutes for the December 16, 2015 Regular Meeting on page 10.  Trustee Chessler stated that there was a vote taken on the requested purchase of the mobile radios and lists his vote as yes.  Trustee Chessler stated that pending Mr. Schlegel’s confirmation of the tape and his notes, would like to indicate that the minutes should be changed to reflect that he voted no on this matter.  Fiscal Officer Schlegel stated that he did recall that.

Trustee Chessler stated with that makes a motion to approve the minutes of the December 16, 2014 meeting as amended; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Trustee Chessler stated with regard to the January 6, 2015 Regular Meeting minutes with regard to any additions or corrections and seeing none makes a motion to approve as submitted; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.


Fire Department:

Trustee Chessler stated that he wanted to note that we have several people in the audience tonight that are not from Perry Township.  Trustee Chessler stated that anyone who has followed the news from the past week, they might recall a story that he heard on the radio about the unpleasant plight of three calves who found their way into a pond that necessitated our fire department’s intervention.  Unfortunately, one did not make it but two did and on the radio that day just after that story, I heard that LeBron James had come back from injury but the Cavs still lost.  Trustee Chessler stated that he thought isn’t that something, the Perry Township Fire Department has done something that LeBron hasn’t been able to do and that is saved the Cavs.

Consider Accepting the Resignation of Taylor Fach

Consider the Resignation of Logan Henkel

Fire Chief Martin stated that the Fire Department is requesting that the Board of Township Trustees accept the resignation of probationary part-time firefighter/EMT-B Taylor Fach effective January 20, 2015, resignation letter attached before the Board.  Taylor is unable to fulfill his obligation to the department. 

Fire Chief Martin stated that the Fire Department is requesting that the Board of Township Trustees accept the resignation of probationary part-time firefighter/EMT-B Logan Henkel effective January 20, 2015, resignation letter attached before the Board.  Logan is unable to fulfill his obligation to the department because of attending paramedic school.

Trustee Haines made a motion that the Board accept the resignations of Taylor Fach and Logan Henkel from the Fire Department effective January 20, 2015; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Consider Donating Obsolete Equipment to Stark State College

Trustee Chessler stated that the above mentioned item on the agenda comes with a memo to the Board from the Fire Chief that lists several items of equipment that the Chief is proposing we donate to Stark State College.  Trustee Chessler requested Law Director Hall to correct him if he veered off track, but normally the Board is required by law to find and declare that we have no further purpose for the property owned by the Township or has little or no value.  Trustee Chessler added that in the case of a donation to another public institution, we are allowed to do this without further action.  Law Director Hall stated that was correct.  Trustee Chessler inquired of Chief Martin if he could give an explanation of why we are donating this.

Fire Chief Martin stated that the donation to Stark State College is two (2) different sets of hydraulic rescue tools, both are over fifteen (15) years old.  Chief Martin stated that the fire department was fortunate last year to be awarded $62,894 by FEMA to purchase two (2) brand new sets of tools.  The current tools that we want to donate to the college are essentially obsolete.  There is no resale value to another department.  Chief Martin stated that FEMA does not take it lightly when something is resaled that was declared to be obsolete.  The college can use it because they do not fall under the NFPA standards that we fall under in emergency scenes.  Chief Martin stated that he has talked with Jeff McGee who is the coordinator there and he has stated that he would love to be able to have the equipment.

Trustee Chessler stated that with that, the Board can make the determination that the equipment no longer serves a useful purpose to the township and there is a willing and able recipient of that and per the Fire Chief, it has no value for resale.  Trustee Chessler made a motion that the items listed in the January 17, 2015 memo to the Board from the Fire Chief be donated to Stark State College and further authorize the Chief to take the steps necessary to make that happen; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Consider Fire Levy for May Ballot

Trustee Chessler stated that the Fire Chief has provided the Board spreadsheet information in a memo dated January 16, 2015 regarding a levy proposal and asked Chief Martin to detail this proposal.

Fire Chief Martin stated that whether it be on the May ballot or the November ballot, the fire levy must be renewed and inquired of Fiscal Officer Schlegel if that was correct.  Mr. Schlegel stated that was correct. 

Fire Chief Martin stated that in 2010 or 2011, we had a standard coverage study done and one of the things that was recommended in this study is that we extend 24 hour protection to Stations 2 and 3.  Chief Martin stated that this is the point now with an addition of 2 mils and a renewal of the current 2.9 mil levy, we can extend that 24 hour coverage to Station 2 and Station 3.

Fiscal Officer Schlegel stated that just so the Board is aware, the 2.9 mil and the additional 2 mil would all be together as one package, it would be either yes on both or no on both.

Chief Martin stated that what he is suggesting is similar to what Jackson Police did.  Jackson ran their renewal and an additional all together one vote, instead of separating it out.  If nothing else, it saves money on campaigning and you are not running two different campaigns.

Trustee Chessler inquired if this request would be a five (5) year term for the levy.  Chief Martin stated that was correct.

Trustee Chessler stated that we are, as all other Townships,  required to follow the statutory process and in order to consider this for the primary ballot in May, the Board would be required this evening to take the first step and that would be to pass a resolution requesting the Auditor to calculate the funds that we generated from the passage of this levy as a combined measure and this is for that purpose and not for the purpose of having vote for the voters.  Trustee Chessler inquired if there were any other Board comments or information that needed to be considered at this time.

Trustee Haines stated that in Chief Martin’s memo, he stated that what we would like to do is the 2.9 mil with an additional 2 mil.  Trustee Haines added that if for some reason we put this on the May ballot and it does not pass, we would go back to the voters with a 2.9 renewal, we could basically go status quo for the next several years, maybe not have a carry over at the end of the five (5) years, but we would not be able to hire a full time staff for those stations.  Fire Chief Martin stated that was correct, without the 2 mil additional, there simply isn’t enough money in the budget moving forward to hire fulltime people for at least a five (5) year period.  Chief Martin stated that we would probably run out of funding in what he would say would be year two, if not sooner.

Trustee Haines stated that what he thinks is important to understand with this is that if you are in the central part of the township, this may not be a big deal, but when you are in the outlying areas of the township, what it could take for Station 1 to respond to areas outside of Stations 2 and 3 could be five (5) to seven (7) minutes response time.  Fire Chief Martin stated yes and no.  Chief Martin stated that we have a tendency to forget that even though Station 1 may be manned at night, if it is out on a call, then you don’t have a response.  Chief Martin added that having people in either Station 2 or 3 has a direct result on anybody, whether Station 1 would respond or not, there is no guarantee that there will be anybody at Station 1 so this puts people on all the Stations 24 hours a day.

Trustee Laubacher briefly stated an example of an accident that happened today near Jackson Avenue that necessitated the fire truck and ambulance to transport people as well as having to do a call back, making it difficult to cover any other possible calls when the equipment is already being utilized.  Trustee Laubacher further explained that it was important to let the people know how increasing calls further necessitates this levy proposal to move forward to make certain that all three (3) areas of the Township are covered.  Trustee Laubacher stated that these added services come at a cost, but at the same time, it is a good service for them.

Fiscal Officer Schlegel stated that he understands that the Board does have a copy of what he has prepared as far as numbers regarding the Fire Levy dated January 12, 2015, but for the record he wanted to state that 1 mill will generate $483,701 and cost a $100,000 home owner $35.00 per year.  Regarding the 2.00 mills will generate $967,402 and cost a $100,000 homeowner $70.00 per year, $5.83 per month or $1.35 per week.   Fiscal Officer Schlegel stated that when he broke down the cost of a new employee, the cost came to$93,913.46.  If five (5) employees are added, the cost would be $469,567.30.  Mr. Schlegel stated that when he projected this out, with the levy passing, it will take Chief Martin past year six (6).  Mr. Schlegel stated that when projecting these numbers out, he stated that he did the carryover a little lower than he actually expected it to be just to be on the safe side, but Chief Martin will easily get through year six (6) and probably seven (7) and maybe beyond.

Fire Chief Martin stated that as the Board is aware, part of that recommendation and the standard coverage was possibly building two (2) new stations, but added that he does not believe that this is a reality in all honesty.  Chief Martin stated which means that as we move forward, we have stations that are sixty (60) plus years old.  We are going to be faced with some major building maintenance issues that we are going to have to address over the next few years, new roofs, new heating, lighting, all those types of things.  That additional funding will help firm up those buildings so they will continue to stand.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board of Trustees take the first step in pursing Fire Chief Martin’s proposal by requesting the Auditor to calculate the taxes to be generated by the proposed levy amounts for Perry Township to be placed on the ballot in May 2015.  Trustee Chessler inquired of Law Director Hall if that included all the necessary elements.  Law Director Hall stated yes; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.

Trustee Laubacher inquired of Law Director Hall that if by the Board passing this resolution tonight, will this be able to get on the ballot for May.  Law Director Hall indicated no, that this is just the first step to ask the Auditor to certify the amounts.  Mr. Hall added that the Auditor will return those within ten (10) days of the request and then the Board will have to pass a resolution the first meeting in February to put it on the May ballot.

Trustee Haines verified that this is just to get the Auditor’s numbers.  Law Director Hall indicated that he would prepare this and hand carry down to the Auditor tomorrow.  Trustee Chessler verified that if we didn’t do this tonight, Law Director Hall continued to say then we cannot do the other and the time is ticking.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Police Department:

Discussion of Dispatch Services

Trustee Chessler stated that the Board has received a memo dated January 16, 2015 from the Police Chief under the subject review of dispatch service.  Trustee Chessler stated that he believes the Chief is prepared to make a presentation to the Board and has asked several of his professional colleagues here tonight.  Trustee Chessler stated that he would give Chief Pomesky the floor to recognize his fellow members of the safety forces.

Police Chief Pomesky thanked Trustee Chessler and stated that he would like to welcome the new director of communications at Stark Com, Jamie Wood, Derek Lloyd from the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and Lieutenant Stance.  Chief Pomesky stated that also with us this evening is the director of the Red Center, Mark Busto and the president of the Logic Board, Jackson Township Police Chief, Mark Brink.

Chief Pomesky stated that tonight, as directed previously by the Board, he is bringing forward the option for us to look at the consolidated dispatch services and regionalizing our dispatch.  Chief Pomesky stated that through the process of examining what each center has to offer, he has identified three (3) centers primarily in the county, one being the Red Center, the other being Canton Communications and one being the Stark County Sheriff’s Office as well.  Chief Pomesky stated that it is being beneficial to look at, for a cooperative dispatch environment.  Chief Pomesky added that all the conversations have been extremely favorable with each entity and we are at the point where we need to sit down and have a formal conversation regarding the services, pricing and what the landscape would look like for the Township into the future. 

Chief Pomesky stated that there are significant benefits by going in this direction with dispatching.  The information exchange will be faster and easier and will provide a better service for our community.  It is fiscally efficient for the operation of it and the significant event that I have seen recently that gave rise to bringing this forth was on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, we suffered a loss with our 911 system and phones were down as well.  Chief Pomesky stated that we could not communicate through the 10 digit phone lines or through the 911 system.  Nothing more impressed upon him of how much of an island we are on of our own when I sat down in the emergency operations center and what really tied us together was the county wide radio system from dispatch facility to dispatch facility as well as the local hospitals.  Chief Pomesky stated that this impacted us on a large scale.  Chief stated that this is an issue that he feels we need to look at very closely and would like to request a Board member to be present and work with him to meet with the three (3) outlying dispatch centers and a timeline to report back to the Board with the findings so that we can dig deeper into the details and move the project forward.

Trustee Chessler inquired if there were any comments from the audience members that are involved in this on a daily basis.

Trustee Haines stated that he wanted to make one comment for the people in the audience; it was more than just Perry Township that had a 911 outage, referring to the incident of Tuesday, January 13, 2015, it involved eleven (11) states and multiple counties just here in Ohio.  There were other issues, but being county wide, at least they were able to communicate, the Township was out there on an island by ourselves.

Lieutenant Stance introduced himself and stated that he was here this evening on behalf of Sheriff Maier who was not able to be here because of a prior commitment and added that the Sheriff sends his apologies.  Lieutenant Lloyd stated that he knows there has been some discussion in the past about dispatching services and Sheriff Maier would like to extend his willingness to help the Trustees and residents of Perry Township save a lot of money.   Lieutenant Lloyd stated that with him is support staff, Derek Lloyd and communications supervisor, Jamie Woods and stated they would answer any questions that the Board might have.

Derek Lloyd stated that he was with support services through the Sheriff’s office and added that they provide to a lot of indemnities throughout the county, radio service and also dispatch.  Mr. Lloyd stated that these are distinctly different but added that they provide one or the other to a lot of jurisdictions and to some of them we provide both services.  Mr. Lloyd stated that in the last couple of years, they have taken on the 911 call takers.  Mr. Lloyd explained that this used to be under the commissioners but they have taken that on and consolidated and now there are not call takers taking 911 calls and transferring them to dispatch.  Mr. Lloyd stated they have eliminated that and are saving the county approximately one million dollars over three (3) years by consolidating and cross training their dispatchers; a 911 call taker is different than a dispatcher.  Mr. Lloyd stated that in the last few years, we have taken on dispatching for Plain Township and are saving them $100,000 a year.  Mr. Lloyd stated that one thing they have done in each of these two instances, we give preferential treatment with our hiring practice, we added new dispatching staff to accommodate the different call load and we gave preferential treatment to those dispatchers who were formerly working for Plain or for the County Commissioners so those were the people we looked at first as we evaluated and added staff so we wanted to make it more accommodating to the people who are already trained and have worked with other entities.

Trustee Chessler stated ‘Welcome back, Jamie’, referring to Jamie Wood.  Jamie stated thank you, and added that this is a familiar place for him.  Jamie introduced himself by saying that his name is Jamie Wood and added that he is the new communications supervisor for the Stark County Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Wood stated that one of the things that we are able to provide is no more transfer of 911 calls.  Mr. Wood referred to the newspaper articles from the past regarding losing calls.  Mr. Wood stated that those numbers have severely dropped since then and added that they get those 911 calls at their center.  Mr. Wood stated that another thing that some may be familiar with is the county wide CAD system that is coming aboard.  Mr. Wood stated that this is something that the Stark County Sheriff’s Office will have and with eight (8) entities coming on, you will be able to get on at no additional cost and will not have to pay the maintenance.  In addition to being a separate entity, with any of the three (3) big centers and also the date of transfer, if you get on when it opens up, there will be no cost of that or the training.  Mr. Wood stated if there were any other questions, they are here to answer them and thanked the Board.

Mark Brink thanked the Board for inviting them tonight and added that he would welcome any of them to attend one of their Board meetings.  Chief Brink stated that he liked the set up and the way that they control the Red Center.  Chief Brink stated that everybody that is dispatched through their agency has a seat on that Board.  Chief Brink stated that if their rates would go up next year, they would vote on that, it is not somebody else that would make those decisions for us.  Chief Brink stated that he thinks it really gives input and concerns about the way dispatching happens.  Chief Brink explained that they have an open forum to do that.  Chief Brink added that Mark Busto has done a great job with that agency for a lot of years and added that he has had the privilege to sit on that Board for ten (10) years and really has enjoyed the way that they are able to work through some of those issues that sometimes can get done pretty quickly.  Chief Brink stated that this is compared to some of the other Boards that he has sat on and tried to get projects moved along.  Chief Brink stated that he thinks they have a model that works well in this county.

Mark Busto introduced himself as the Director at the Red Center and stated that he would like to echo some of the same sentiments that the Sheriff Office’s stated and that of Chief Brink; we cannot go wrong with that regionalized approach to dispatch, we have dispatchers that have dealt with police and fire for several years and many of the agencies that we currently dispatch for surround Perry Township so communication being a key that it is, we would offer that ability to be able to work closely with your neighbors, that of Massillon and Jackson, Navarre, Rt. 21 and running through there, there are a lot of different areas that would help with communications like those types of matters.  The county wide CAD is also something that is going to be offered at the Red Center and there would be something that is similar to what the Sheriff’s Office talked about in that data entry, in the beginning, would be part of the cost, the CAD system is what the Red Center would offer, it is currently what we offer now and also mobile aspect where you can get the information out to vehicles.  Mr. Busto also stated that he would be happy to answer any questions as well.

Police Chief Pomesky stated that another point to put out on the table is when we look at collaborative dispatching, a lot of times it has a negative tone to it in that an agency is going backwards.  It is exactly the opposite.  We are moving forward.  Light years ahead, forward.  Chief Pomesky stated that when you look at any emergency, especially when it becomes large scale, communication is the key.  We consistently have been on our own confined island and we cannot continue to do that.  If we have a large scale school shooting, a multi agency response, our dispatchers are making phone calls to all the other centers that dispatch for multiple agencies and at a certain point, our residents are going to pay the price.  It is a safety issue, it is a safety issue for our officers, but it does offer significant benefit for our township and Chief stated that he thinks it will put us in a progressive position to provide that service to our community.

Trustee Chessler stated that he had the opportunity to sit in on the Boards, through SCOG, and there is a government’s board and has been exposed to a lot of these discussions previously and would borrow a phrase that he heard from Commissioner Bernabei, ‘the devil is in the details’ with these concepts that are all very interesting but stated that this is the first step rather than the last step.  Trustee Chessler stated that he knows they have visited this issue before and he was involved with that as Trustee Laubacher has and would propose, if Trustee Haines is willing, that he be the one to sit in and partake and become familiar with these issues and these discussions and that we authorize the Chief to move forward with discussions.  Trustee Chessler stated that the one thing, and added that he thinks Chief Brink mentioned, that a lot of times these things seem like to wallow and languish.  Trustee Chessler stated to Chief Pomesky that the one thing that he would like to see, if we could, send him out there to have these discussions and formulate some concrete plan that we can set a timetable to and inquired if Chief could suggest a time frame that would be appropriate.

Chief Pomesky inquired if 30 to 45 days to report back to the Board on the status would be agreeable.

The Board unanimously agreed that would be satisfactory. 

Trustee Haines inquired of both the Stark County Sheriff’s Office and the Red Center making reference to an unfortunate incident several years ago wherein a police officer in Massillon was involved in a chase with the State Highway Patrol.  Trustee Haines inquired what the communication would be to the State Highway Patrol since they are an agency much larger than Stark County. 

Mr. Woods replied that they would use the same procedures by picking up the phone to contact them, and added that they are not on their radio system; they are on a state radio system.  Mr. Woods stated that it is not a radio system that they have but is a radio system that the county has looked at and all the agencies in Stark County have looked at.  Mr. Woods added that none of the agencies that they deal with are currently on that system, so it is still a phone call to do that.

Mr. Busto replied that it would be the same with the Red Center.

Trustee Haines stated that just out of curiosity, there is obviously a lot of connection within Stark County, but we would have to work with state levels as well.

Trustee Laubacher stated that one thing that he had talked to Chief Pomesky about was, and as time goes on this would be brought out more and more, but we do have our own dispatch center which provides someone 24 hours a day so that if someone would come to the building to make request for a police officer, and in speaking with Chief Pomesky, he indicated that we could work it out to have somebody at least 16 hours of the day at that particular office to be able to cover that and inquired of Chief Pomesky if that was correct.  Chief Pomesky stated that was correct.  Trustee Laubacher stated that it would be beneficial to look at that particular situation also to be able to provide for our own residents for a place to know they can go to for help, if driving by or if it happens to be a domestic situation to be able to get inside.  Trustee Laubacher stated that the Chief has assured him that this is one of the things they would certainly look at.

Trustee Haines inquired if there would be an officer there.  Chief Pomesky stated that they would look at the clerical staff.  Trustee Laubacher added that just so there would be a safe haven type of place to go.

Chief Pomesky referred back to the question that addressed the interaction with the State Highway Patrol.   Chief Pomesky stated that they are a small portion of an agency that we deal with, but on a larger scale, we mutual aid with Jackson Township, the City of Massillon, Canton City and Stark County Sheriff’s Office on a much larger scale.  Chief Pomesky stated that for the bulk percentage of what this is going to resolve, we are dealing with one agency that we are still not interoperable with, but we are getting so much more.  Chief Pomesky stated that the biggest benefit is, and referred to the guy doing an act of burglary several months back on the border of 18th Street by Jackson and Perry Township, if we could get to an environment where we are all interoperable, that communication seemless through a dispatcher when we are close by, they can transmit it over to Jackson Township; vice versa, if they are close by, they can let us know, so when full pursuits are happening, we can close in on an area quicker.  Chief Pomesky added that in regard to that particular incident, we lost a lot of critical time with relaying the information as our one dispatcher was getting the information from the officer relaying on the phone, it is very difficult for that exchange, it is fast paced and there is more potential for errors to happen.

 Mr. Busto stated one example of this recent outage there were people at these centers that were using their personal cell phones and that was the only way to get messages back and forth at some places, just as with Perry since the radio system is different, but could reach out to some others around the county. 

Trustee Haines inquired of Mr. Busto in regard to the EMA and Tim Warstler; something in the newspaper mentioning he would have a bank of cell phones available; would that be through EMA.  Mr. Busto stated that the EMA will provide those to the three (3) dispatch centers and fund them as well.  Trustee Haines inquired if they would all be a part of that.  Mr. Busto stated yes.

Mr. Woods stated that in regard to what Chief Pomesky had mentioned about 18th street, with the add on of this new countywide CAD system, that’s information that no matter what center that you would look at, it would hold expedite that process because all three (3) of the centers are going to be sharing that same CAD information; that is information that can be past reviewed relatively quickly, certainly sharing the same dispatch center will even enhance that.  There is things that are going out in the county that will make us a lot more user friendly.

Chief Pomesky stated that CAD is something that we have looked at as an agency, but it has always been the last straw that you can’t get to because the price of being anywhere between $100,000 – $150,000 to purchase a good CAD program.  Chief Pomesky stated that when you look at collaboratively sharing in that cost for one good program that will accommodate all the law enforcement, that price is achievable.  The maintenance cost for our own individual CAD would be approximately $25,000 a year.  When you look at sharing that cost, your dispatching fees for regionalization, it becomes significantly more minimal, probably in the vicinity of $2000 per year.

Trustee Chessler stated that this is all relatable and may be a different discussion for a different day, but as far as the discussion we are having tonight, does not think we need a resolution, but thinks it is the Board’s consensus here that you are directed to move forward to go out and do an investigation and have these conversations with different agencies, do a comparison of what we have now with what they have to offer with the objective things such as cost and the not so objective things like the level of service and the enhancement of service we have  and ask that you report back to the Board within forty-five (45) days of your report and recommendation and also that we will ask for Trustee Haines to be our Board’s representative to sit in on those meetings with these gentlemen and get educated.  Trustee Chessler verified to Law Director Hall if that was correct in saying that we do not need a resolution.  Mr. Hall said that was sufficient.  Trustee Chessler thanked these gentlemen very much.

Road Department:

Consider Emergency Repair of a Dump Truck

Trustee Chessler stated that we have a request that came in late; the Road Department was required to consider an emergency expenditure for the 1999 dump truck.  Trustee Chessler asked Road Superintendent Masalko to detail what is required for the repair.

Road Superintendent Masalko stated that it is a complete computer and wiring harness that will need to be done, attached before the Board.  Mr. Masalko stated that the parts will cost $3,032.70, the labor will be $1,260.00 and miscellaneous/environmental components will be $88.20 for the total cost to be $4,380.90.  Mr. Masalko stated that also attached is a cost proposal that will probably come out of the road department repairs account.  Mr. Masalko stated that he brought this to the Board’s attention since this repair is over $2,500.00.

Trustee Chessler inquired if the need for this came after the Agenda deadline and the repairs had been done.  Mr. Masalko stated that the repairs have not been done.

Trustee Laubacher inquired since we were not able to make the repairs, it would have to be taken to a repair shop.  Mr. Masalko replied that we cannot do this, referring to the repairs being done in-house,  and referred to the wiring harness being too large in diameter.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board approve the Road Department to proceed with repairs to the 1999 Sterling Dump Truck at the cost quoted of $4,380.90; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Law Director: None.


Consider Zoning Assessments

Trustee Chessler stated in regard to the 2014 Zoning Assessments, the Board has received a spreadsheet from Zoning Inspector Weckbacher that identifies each property by parcel as well as the cost and the date of service rendered for approval of certification from the Auditor.  Zoning Inspector Weckbacher stated that the total amount is $12,450 after the certified assessments.

Trustee Chessler verified of Mr. Weckbacher if the request this evening was requesting a resolution to certify these zoning assessments for the Auditor.  Mr. Weckbacher stated that was correct.

Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board acknowledge the list of properties and owners and costs expended on behalf of the Township and certify those costs to the County Auditor for collection as taxes in the amount of $12,450; Seconded by Trustee Haines.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.

Parks/Recycling: None.

Executive Session(s): 

Department Matters Not Requiring Board Action:

Administration: None.

Fire Department: None.

Parks/Recycling: None.

Police Department:

Road Department: None.

Zoning: None.  

Law Director: None.

Upcoming Events:

Public Speaks-Open Forum

Ralph DeChiara, 765 Delverne Ave. SW, Canton – Mr. DeChiara stated that since we were opening up the dispatching topic and speaking as a resident and as someone who has worked in public service all his life, thinks that we should consider moving the fire department dispatch and police dispatch under the same roof because of efficiency and to be able to communicate back and forth.  Mr. DeChiara stated that he’s not in love with anyone in particular in the dispatch center, but just feels that cost-wise it has to be looked at and definitely benefit-wise, has to be looked at.  Mr. DeChiara stated that there is a very significant time delay between calling one center to the other center, back and forth and feels that if the Board is going to look into it, the Fire Department should be a part of it.  Mr. DeChiara stated that this is just his two cents.

The Board thanked Mr. DeChiara for his comment.

Timothy Blythe, 2956 Bridgeton St. NW, Massillon 44646 – Mr. Blythe stated that actually Mr. DeChiara commented a little bit on what he is concerned about; is there a reason why Cen Com was not contacted and invited as a guest or Canton Dispatch or Canton Communications or whatever that is.  Trustee Chessler stated that Can Com and Canton City are one in the same and are affiliated through the radio system.

Mr. Blythe inquired why Cen Com was not invited.  Chief Pomesky stated that Can Com (Canton Communications) was invited but added that Cen Com was not identified as an option, and further stated that he could contact them, but added that there are several things that stand out among the three (3) that he has identified in participating on a larger county-wide front that become more desirable.  Chief Pomesky stated that he could definitely contact them and extend the communication.

Mr. Blythe stated that his other concern would be that over the recent months and years, the Board of Trustees have approved a number of expenditures that have been small expenditures to bring what the Chief has described as our dispatch center up to a state-of-the art dispatch center that far surpassed any of the surrounding dispatch centers.  Mr. Blythe stated that he understands the whole need for cost and efficiencies and things like that; have these dispatch centers approved their dispatching to the level that we have right now, number one and number two, if down the road we would become a central dispatch with one of the other entities, what happens to that equipment, is it obsolete, is it sold, is it transferred over to that.

Chief Pomesky stated that we would still be using that equipment.  Chief Pomesky stated that much of that equipment would point to that facility and there is a significant benefit in that.  Chief Pomesky stated that in our 911 council, that would be repurposed to the entity that we would potentially go to.  The radio system that we own could be pointed to that facility so there are stages of it, but the biggest benefit is getting our dispatchers in the same room to be able to communicate to one another.  Chief Pomesky stated this has to happen for the safety of the Township, for the safety of our officers responding to calls on a regular basis.

Mr. Blythe inquired if we would then not be required to purchase another radio system to communicate.  Chief Pomesky stated that absolutely down the road, we will be because there is a shelf life on any radio system.  Mr. Blythe stated that he understands that but is asking if the decision would be to go with one of these other entities six (6) months from now, we would not need to buy a new radio system in six (6) months to be able to communicate with them.  Chief Pomesky stated that he thinks that there are about 5-10 years left of shelf life in our current radio system and the time to really start looking at this is now because it is not a quick process to turn over a radio system and added that  it is not a quick process to migrate equipment out, so right now, by at least getting the direction to find and setting it, it will build the path to getting us there.

Mr. Blythe inquired if our radio system does now communicate with them.  Chief Pomesky stated that it does not, but we can point it to get the communication to go into those centers.  Chief Pomesky also added that if we wanted to communicate globally, we would have to resort to the countywide radio that is currently in the car, but we have a limited capacity with that.  Chief Pomesky stated that it is really only a disaster scenario or a large scale mutual aid scenario.  Chief Pomesky stated that the problem with that is when you look at an officer responding to a call, they do not have time to continually switch radios and have two separate radios.  At a certain point, we need to look at getting one good system so if we have that large scale incident and we have the Stark County Sheriff’s office responding, Jackson Township responding, Massillon P.D. responding; we can all be on the same page, globally, to address this scenario.

Law Director Hall stated to Mr. Blythe that he would suggest that what he is specifically asking is part of the details that Trustee Haines and Chief Pomesky are going to have to discuss and fathom out and recommend back to the Board.  Mr. Hall stated that this is part of the contract that has to be put together.

Know that with dispatching, it is not required that you have to go on the countywide radio system; it is a benefit to do that, but if you choose to stay with your radio system, that is your choice, you have an investment there, but that is not required that you have to come on the county radio system to be able to participate with the dispatch services.

Mr. Blythe stated to Chief Pomesky that he is just concerned that we have spent quite a bit of money over the last years upgrading our radio system and added that he would hate to hear that radio system doesn’t work with another department we would be going with.  Mr. Blythe stated that he and Chief Pomesky have had a conversation that the system that is in place in Perry, in his opinion, at that time, was better than the other units.

Chief Pomesky stated that to recall at that time frame, his recommendation was to go on to that system, but because of a large scale group, some things had fallen apart with that.  Chief Pomesky stated that his recommendation is still very much so that we need to build a plan to migrate to that countywide system; it represents the communication we need as first responders and added that we cannot be toddling between two radios and fumbling back and forth, we need to get a clear direction and start the process.  Chief Pomesky stated that it is not ‘flip the switch’ and you are there; first of all, we have to start getting our dispatchers into the same room and pointing our existing system there.  That allows us to build a plan in the direction and in the path to get to the end of the tunnel to be where we need to be as a team.  Chief Pomesky stated that Chief Martin has enjoyed that over at Cen Com networking and being able to be in that same center where they are calling out for mutual aid with multiple different fire departments.  Chief Pomesky stated that he is going to look at that with who we typically mutual aid with and there may be a match, there may not be a match.  Chief Pomesky stated that he thinks this is a conversation that needs to happen, but a fire department need may be different than what a police department need is, as far as who we mutual aid with, typically.  Chief Pomesky added that it might make sense to not have those under the same roof, but then again, it may.  Chief Pomesky went on to say that he thinks at the same time, we have to look at the dynamics at what each entity needs.

Steve Toohey, 642  Summerdale Ave. NW, Massillon – Mr. Toohey stated that he was here on December 16, 2014 to file a report regarding the dismantlement of our DARE car which was donated by local businesses to support not only the DARE program, but to honor our fallen hero, Daniel J. Patron, who was killed in Afghanistan.  Mr. Toohey stated that after that meeting, he decided to follow up with a letter which is dated December 29, 2014 to the three Trustees.  Mr. Toohey read his letter aloud.

Trustee Chessler stated to Mr. Toohey that the Board all received his letter and read his letter.  Mr. Toohey stated thank you.  Trustee Chessler stated that the Board responded by their letter dated January 19, 2015 and inquired if Mr. Toohey had received that letter.  Mr. Toohey stated that he did.  Trustee Chessler stated that he will note that the request that he made with regard to the sale of that vehicle that the Township owns; we are guided by State law that requires us to deposit those funds into the General Fund.  Mr. Toohey indicated yes.  Trustee Chessler stated that as far as whether or not to follow through on the decal program, there has not been a Board decision yet, but added that as indicated in the Board letter, when that is done, they will contact Mr. Toohey.  Mr. Toohey stated that was correct and added that he wanted to be here this evening to make public record of this.  Mr. Toohey also stated that his point is that he was asking for some kind of an answer with regard to this decal program by yesterday and was put off again with another ‘down the road’.  Mr. Toohey inquired if we are able to give him some idea of this.

Trustee Chessler stated that he indicated that he would get a hold of him and added that is the response.

Mr. Toohey inquired if there is a time limit on this.  Trustee Chessler replied no.  Mr. Toohey stated that first of all, he understands; Mr. Toohey then stated ‘do you not want me to speak, sir?’  Trustee Chessler stated that he understood that Mr. Toohey asked for – Mr. Toohey replied that he had questions.  Trustee Chessler inquired what his questions are.  Mr. Toohey stated his question, even though it’s going into the General Fund, is it not appropriate to take money out of the General Fund to spend on things that the Board approves.  Trustee Chessler stated that if the Board would choose and also added that he thinks the Police Chief has been asked and indicated that he, referring to Chief Pomesky, said he wouldn’t be making a request for those funds, so it would probably stay in the General Fund.  Mr. Toohey replied that he just wanted to hear that and added that he is also, in going on public record, asking for some definition of time.  Mr. Toohey stated that he hears decisions being made on larger, more expensive, more important Township business in a relatively short, quick order.  Mr. Toohey stated that this is not a big thing; this is strictly a decal that honors eleven fallen heroes in this community and added that he does not understand why it is that hard of an answer to make.  Trustee Chessler stated that his point was taken and said thank you.  Mr. Toohey stated thank you.

Mahlon Downard, 10080 Portage St. NW, Canal Fulton – Mr. Mahlon stated that he is with Pro Art Signs and explained that they make a lot of decals and has recently done some work for the Road Department and just finished lettering decals for the Zoning car.  Mr. Mahlon added that they have a great relationship with the school district here in Perry as well.  Mr. Mahlon stated that to continue that good relationship, they would be more than willing to donate all those decals to the Fire Department, Police Department, Road Department and the Zoning Department and any other vehicles that the Township may have.  Mr. Downard stated that if the Board would consider that, he would appreciate it.

The Trustees thanked Mr. Downard and stated that it was very kind of him.


With nothing further to come before the Board, Trustee Haines made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 pm; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Chessler, yes.  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.



Craig Chessler, President                                                                                              Joe Schlegel, Fiscal Officer