Work Session

Work Sessions 

The Perry Township Board of Trustees meets in a Work Session format on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.  

These meetings are held at the Township Hall located at 3111 Hilton Street NW in Massillon.  Work Sessions are less formal than Regular Meetings and are utilized by Trustees and Department Heads for discussion of township related projects or activities.


Perry Township Board of Trustees


Work Session


June 11, 2013 7:00 pm


The Board has previously reserved the right to take action at this meeting




Call to Order/ Pledge of Allegiance:


Excused absence:  None.


Additions/Deletions to Agenda:


Under Administration, OTARMA (Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority) coverage and liability insurance


Public Hearings/Invited Guests:


Swearing in of Jack Keim III as a Full Time Firefighter/Paramedic to Fill Current Vacancy


Trustee Haines stated that at this time he would like to ask Firefighter Jack Keim III to come forward. 


Trustee Haines officiated the swearing in of Jack Keim III as a full time Perry Township Firefighter/Paramedic and congratulated him on behalf of the Trustees.


Trustee Haines made a motion that the Perry Township Fire Department hire part time Firefighter/Paramedic Jack Keim III as a full time Firefighter/Paramedic to fill the current vacancy in the department with a hiring date of Tuesday, June 11, 2013, the first shift day to be Friday, June 14, 2013 with a starting hourly rate of $12.50 per hour for a one (1) year probationary period; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Chessler, yes.


Trustee Haines stated that there would be a fifteen minute recess from the meeting where he invited everyone present to join them for cake and coffee.




Board Received Communications from Discovery Oil and Gas, LLC concerning:


 Application to drill at the property of William and Gail McGrady


Application to drill at the property of Jim and Mary Klick


Trustee Haines stated that both of these properties are vertical wells; each well will take six (6) days to drill.  Trustee Haines stated that a third well at Richville Church is planned with no date yet scheduled.


Public Speaks on items up for Board Approval: None.


Township Business requiring Board Action: None.


Unfinished Business


Consider Discussions of the Richville Cemetery


Administrator Fetzer stated that the Board had a discussion at the May 4, 2013 Regular Meeting regarding a request concerning a purchase of upright headstones at the Richville Cemetery.  Administrator Fetzer gave a brief review of the previous requested purchases of two (2) upright headstones by Mr. and Mrs. Krantz and that lead to a more detailed discussion on whether or not the Board wanted to decide to put forth any restrictions on headstone size.  Administrator Fetzer also referred to the attachments before the Board regarding the remaining number of available plots to be sold.  There are a total of 228 plots: 73 plots have been sold – 155 plots are available to be sold.  Administrator Fetzer also referred to the attached information before the Board concerning a chart with price comparisons from other townships regarding their price information on cemetery fees.  Also noted that Lake and Tuscarawas Townships have no headstone size restrictions.


Trustee Haines stated that noting the cemetery fees for surrounding townships, he feels that the Township should review our present cemetery rates, possibly increasing the opening/closing fees by at least two hundred dollars ($200.00) if not more.  Trustee Haines also stated that he does not agree with instituting the flat stone only regulation at the Richville Cemetery and stated that he would agree with instituting a restriction on a height limit of the headstones.


Trustee Laubacher stated that he agreed with Trustee Haines regarding not instituting a flat stone only regulation at this time.  Trustee Laubacher stated that if the Board had originally regulated a flat stone only restriction when the reorganization of the cemetery took place, it would have been the time to institute this.


The Board further discussed the matter of increasing the opening /closing fees at the Richville Cemetery and agreed to table this matter until the next meeting to further consider some additional information regarding current fees for the grave digging.


Consider Contracting with Clemans Nelson for Implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act


Administrator Fetzer briefly recapped the previous discussion with the Board at an earlier meeting regarding contracting with outside legal counsel Mike Esposito of Clemans Nelson for Implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act .


Trustee Haines stated that there has been much discussion regarding this matter and referred to Law Director Hall’s suggestion of possibly contracting outside legal counsel, Clemans Nelson, for a six (6) month period (July 31, 2013 to December 31, 2013) versus a one (1) year period.


Law Director Hall stated that this time frame would still allow the Township to communicate to all department heads and supervisors what the criteria and guidelines are in reference to the regulations of the Affordable Health Care Act and to make sure that the township was in compliance. 


Law Director Hall stated that in reference to the Clemans Nelson $2,100.00 retainer fee, this would give the Township telephone access to the firm, but there would be extra charges for any drafts made or scheduled meetings.


Trustee Haines inquired to Administrator Fetzer and Fire Chief Martin to reaffirm some points made by Mr. Esposito during their initial meeting regarding meeting multiple plans.  Both Administrator Fetzer and Chief Martin gave details about Mr. Espositio’s explanation of multiple plans for health care. 


Trustee Haines stated that because the fire department has approximately 95% of the Township’s part time employees, he asked if Chief Martin had any other insight into the points of importance gathered from the meeting with Mr. Esposito.  Chief Martin briefly stated that many communities have addressed the factor of the minimum amount of hours that could be signed up for per month and allowing them a little window because of a call-back situation.  Chief Martin stated that he feels that keeping track of the number of hours would be a big concern for the fire department’s part time employees.  Chief Martin also stated that being able to determine what type of hourly perimeters that we have set for the part time employees will be of utmost importance.


Law Director Hall stated that his recommendation is to implement a measurement period, have a subsequent measurement period that is equal to and monitor the personnel closely to make sure that their average is not more than 29 hours per week which is 120 hours per month. 


Fire Chief Martin stated that what he felt Clemans Nelson had to offer is they have had the experience with working  with other communities and are able to implement a program or plan for regulating and being in compliance with the Affordable Health Care Act.


More discussion followed regarding retaining the services of Clemans Nelson in reference to the Affordable Health Care Act.  Trustee Haines stated that the Board must act on this decision this evening since July 1, 2013 is the first period of this process to happen.


Trustee Chessler inquired of Law Director Hall what needs to be in place by July 1, 2013.  Mr. Hall stated that the Board has to pass a resolution establishing an initial measurement period. 


Trustee Chessler stated that he will make a motion that the Board of Trustees adopt the resolution to establish and approve an initial measurement period, establish and approve a standard measurement period under the Internal Revenue Code in compliance with the Patient and Protection and Affordable Health Care Act and to establish the maximum hours that any part time, seasonal or other variable hour an employee may work for Perry Township; Seconded by Trustee Haines.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, abstain.  Mr. Chessler, yes.


New Business:


Trustee Haines made a motion to approve bills in the amount of $25,278.27 for the week ending June 11, 2013; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.   Mr. Chessler, yes.


Fiscal Officer: 




Administrator Fetzer stated that it is the requested time for the OTARMA (Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority) renewal this year.  Administrator Fetzer stated that she sat down with Gary Swisher and Dale Lake to go over the entire inventory of equipment that the Township owns to verify proper coverage.  In addition, Administrator Fetzer referred to the renewal documents before the Board.  The annual invoice renewal balance is $156,935.00.  The Board currently has liability coverage per incident at $3 million dollars and does have the opportunity to increase that coverage amount, if the Board chooses to do so.  Refer to attachments before the Board.  Administrator Fetzer also referenced the attachments before the Board regarding OTARMA’s reference to specific items within the township’s park system that are not accounted for, example: disaster caused because of tornado or fire, are not covered under replacement of older, existing equipment.   Administrator Fetzer stated that in speaking with OTARMA’s customer service representative, Wendy French, regarding this coverage, Wendy indicated that we should not be concerned about that coverage.


Administrator Fetzer stated that OTARMA will distribute excess reserve funds to all of the township entities/members which they represent.  Their reserve fund was $1 million dollars and of that $1 million dollars, our Township will receive $9,818.54. 


Trustee Haines stated that in regard to Perry Township possibly increasing our liability coverage, as a comparison, Jackson Township has $6 million in liability coverage and Plain Township has the same as Perry Township, $3 million in liability coverage.  Trustee Haines stated that for possibly increasing our liability limits to $4 million (rate of $4,288) or $5 million (rate of $6,876) this might be an ideal time to do this since we are receiving the refund from OTARMA’s excess reserve funds.


Further conversation regarding increasing the Township’s liability coverage was discussed.  Trustee Chessler made a motion that the Board renew its coverage with OTARMA for the annual premium stated for coverages outlined at the cost not to exceed $156,935.00; Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.  Mr. Chessler, yes.      


Fire Department:  None.


Police Department:  None.


Road Department:  None.


Law Director:  None.


Zoning:  None.


Parks/Recycling:  None.


Executive Session(s): 


Trustee Haines made a motion that the Board adjourn into an Executive Session pursuant to ORC 121.22 (G) (4) to consider promotion of fire department personnel to include the Board, Fiscal Officer, Fire Chief and Law Director; Seconded by Trustee Chessler.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.   Mr. Chessler, yes. 


The Board adjourned into Executive Session at:  8:34 pm


The Board adjourned from Executive Session at:  9:02 pm


Department Matters Not Requiring Board Action:


Administration:  None.


Fire Department:  None.


Parks/Recycling:  None.


Police Department:  None.


Road Department:  None.


Zoning: None.  


Law Director: None.


Upcoming Events:


Public Speaks-Open Forum:


Ben Moretta, 5232 Southway St. SW, Canton, Ohio 44706 – Mr. Moretta stated that his question pertains to the zoning compliance paperwork that was filed against the Red Chambers property in regard to him not being compliant with the commercial zoning rules.  Since it has been over thirty (30) days, Mr. Moretta asked what matter the Board is taking against him.


Law Director Hall stated that what was needed was finding someone who could come to move some of the equipment out of the way on this property.  Mr. Hall stated that Zoning Inspector Weckbacher was communicating with two different towing companies on this matter.  Mr. Hall also stated that his recommendation to the Board would be to create a resolution to take Mr. Chambers to court, obtain a court order and clean up the property.




With nothing further to come before the Board, Trustee Haines made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:02 pm;  Seconded by Trustee Laubacher.


ROLL CALL:  Mr. Haines, yes.  Mr. Laubacher, yes.   Mr. Chessler, yes. 






Doug Haines, President                                                                                                 Joe Schlegel, Fiscal Officer