b2b779d73683975a48cf4c5403df6c36_f28A.D. Fasnacht Farm Park  is located on the Southeast Corner of Jackson Avenue and 12th Street NW.

The A. D. Fasnacht Farm Park is the township’s latest acquisition to its recreational properties. The 30+ acres of farm land and facilities were purchased by Perry Township in March of 2007.  The land has an original farm house built in 1877 and a barn.  This historic farm has unlimited potential for recreational development.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources provided the Board of Trustees State Appropriations dollars in the amount of $95,000 for concept development of the park.  These dollars will afford the Trustees to solicit public input and establish a conceptual plan for this future park land.

The addition of the A.D. Fasnacht Farm Park to the Perry Township Park System is an exciting opportunity for the Trustees and the residents of Perry Township!

If you are interested in more information contact our Administration office at 330.833.2141