1. Parks are closed from Dusk to Dawn.
    • O.R.C. Section 2911.21 (B) or (C)
  2. People must leave the park property at dusk.
  3. No alcoholic beverages on park property.
    • O.R.C. Section 4301.63
  4. No horses or inflatables permitted in the parks.
    • O.R.C. Section 2909.6(1)
  5. No motor vehicles driven on the grass.
    • O.R.C. Section 2909.6(1)
  6. Per the Perry Township Dog Nuisance Ordinance, pets must be leashed and waste must be contained.  This ordinance is enforced by the Perry Township Police Department.  Phone #: 330-478-5121
  7. No littering.
  8. Fires are allowed in designated areas and receptacles only.
  9. Any vandalism observed at this park should be reported to the Perry Township Police Department. Phone #: 330-478-5121
  10. Vandals will be prosecuted.
    • O.R.C. Section 2909.6
  11. Reservations for the use of park facilities are to made through the following:
    • Perry Township Trustees Office #: 330-833-2141
    • Website - www.perrytwp.com

If you are unable to use the park on the date reserved, please contact the township office.